Post-Natal Nutrition Workshop

Join me for an hour of nourishing conversations where we talk all things nutrition and “bouncing back” as a new mother.

In this Post-Natal Nutrition workshop we will be talking all things nutrition and wellbeing for yourself as a new mother.  I will also be giving some hands-on tips on how to make nourishing foods for your healing body that demands minimal effort in the kitchen. We will cover things like: 

  • How to support your body after birth with nourishing foods and simple recipes
  • How to increase your energy levels and boost vitality  
  • Common post-natal deficiencies, what to look out for and choosing the right supplements for your body
  • Learn to reduce sugar cravings, balance your blood sugar and reduce mood swings

Bring your little ones and join me to find out how also you can become a more energised, happy and nourished mother!

Bites for Babies Workshop

Join me for a fun, educational and non-judgemental hour of healthy bub talk. 

If you are mum who are just introducing solids or want to learn more about how to nourish your family – then this is the perfect opportunity!

The chloroquine kopen zonder recept Bites for Babies workshop is great fo any mum who wants to learn more about how to nourish their baby and create healthy foundations.

I will be providing healthy and easy recipes, but also provide some tips and tricks on how tp support your baby’s immune system, development and general wellbeing.

We will also cover:

  • Learning how to read food labels when grocery shopping for your baby and toddler
  • Debunking food myths: What is “healthy” and what is not?
  • Choosing the right foods and learning what specific nutrients YOUR children need for healthy growth and development