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As a qualified nutritionist, I can provide evidence-based treatment plans based on a holistic nutritional approach.

Whether you need specific dietary advice, food intolerance testing, stress support, tailored meal plans or help to loose weight, my goal is always to help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

I would love to take on every client, however, these are the fields that I am strongly passionate about:

Preconception | Pregnancy | Post Natal Health 

Digestive Disorders: IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) |  Leaky Gut | Candida Overgrowth | SIBO

Allergies | Food intolerances

Weight Loss Support | Overcoming Emotional Eating Patterns & Eating Disorders

Mood Disorders: Anxiety | Depression

Hormonal imbalance: Estrogen Dominance | PCOS | Thyroid Dysfunction | Detoxification

Skin conditions; Eczema | Psoriasis | Acne | Rosacea

Your initial consultation is usually a 90 minute clinic session where we cover everything related to your current wellbeing and health history. I will assess your diet and lifestyle so I can provide the best possible treatment plan and help you reach your long-term health goals.

A nutritional treatment plan will often include referrals for further testing such as food intolerance test and other blood tests. I also provide informative handouts, meal plans and prescribe supplements tailored for your individual needs.

Everyone can benefit from seeing a clinical nutritionist. These days most people walk around with nagging health concerns that we start to think is normal.

Things like daily headaches, chronic aches and pains, exhaustion, lack of sleep, anxiety, low moods, gut issues and skin problems are all symptoms. This often means your body need some extra love and attention. 

Whether you are seeing me for any specific health concerns or just general feelings of being unwell – I am here to help you claim your health back!