Do you want to nourish your kids and establish a healthy start in life? Then this post is for you!

Making sure your child is getting enough nutrients can sometimes feel lika a tough mission. Navigating conflicting information, knowing what diet suits your child’s specific needs and then throw in some fussiness – this may all feel overwhelming!

But sometimes it may be good just to remove the worse enemies and just focus on giving your child a broad diet filled with nourishing whole foods.

Unfortunately there are many food nasties to look out for and various evidence is now backing up claims that they are bad for children’s health and development.

A strong healthy foundation is essential to giving our kids the best chance in life.

Being a mother myself, I know how hard it is to avoid all of them, but here are the main ones to look out for:

other Artificial Colours
All ingredients that starts with E and a number. These additives should be avoided at all times and have been found to exaggerate hyperactivity and disrupt a healthy gut flora. 

can i buy tinidazole over the counter Artificial Sweeteners 
These bad boys sneak into many foods and supplements especially made for kids. Instead, aim for products with natural sweeteners and flavours like honey or dried fruit. 

chloroquine phosphate 250 mg price Allergens
Does your child suffer from allergies or food sensitivities? Then you already now how this can negatively impact your childs gut health, immune system and behaviour. Common allergens like gluten, dairy, soy, eggs and nuts hide in many food products. Always proof read the label and ingredients list.

An easy rule to apply is that if you can’t pronounce it or don’t know what it is, don’t eat it!

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