http://deepfeetmassagetherapy.com/questions/ I always advise my clients to avoid over-supplementing and focus on eating a broad wholefood diet to ensure their nutritional needs are met. Food should always be the foundation, and frankly, its cheaper.

ragazza cerca vacanza gratis However, our bodies are often much more complex than this and factors like genetics, absorption, disease, depleted soils and even our environment may compromise our nutritional status and health. This is why a lot of us suffer from mineral and vitamin deficiencies that might result in nagging health issues like anxiety, poor stress response, body aches, skin conditions and digestive problems.

Supplementation can be a great addition to a healthy diet

http://aquitech-plans-services.fr/869-dtf38356-quel-est-le-prénom-de-mon-ame-soeur.html In these cases I usually recommend a good quality supplement tailored for my your body’s specific needs. The best way to know if you have a deficiency or low levels is to get a blood test. Depending on what needs to be tested, you can ask your GP or consult with a nutritionist or naturopath for appropriate guidance.

Here are a few things to consider when you are taking or giving supplements to your family:

A lot of nutrients should not be taken with or close to drinking coffee + tea + alcohol. This will affect absorption, making it hard for your body to absorb the nutrients. This especially goes for B-vitamins, iron, zinc and magnesium. 2 hours apart is ideal.

Certain vitamins should not be taken on an empty stomach. B-vitamins and multivitamins is a great example. Take them with or just after food to avoid feeling sick or nauseous.

Practitioner brands might be more expensive – but for a reason! This ensures bioavailability, safety, efficacy and their products is backed by science. Plus you don’t have to worry about any sketchy added ingredients.

Unfortunately there is a lot of unreliable products out there so be sure to always advice with a health practitioner before spending your money.

What supplements do you take, if any? Please share your experience below!

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